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Money & cards in Vietnam

All payments in Vietnam must be done in Vietnamese currency unit - Vietnam dong (VND). Thus, if you expect to pay for an item or service in cash, you ought to change it into Vietnam dong. You can use currency exchange service at your hotel or do a transaction at the banks.

At present, the most common international banks in Vietnam are ANZ and HSBC. Moreover, banking system and ATM service in Vietnam is very developed and almost banks have associated with the others that you will find it easy to do a banking transaction there. In case of having no Vietnam dong, US dollar is sometimes accepted for payment.

Payments by credit cards are accepted at almost hotels, restaurants and shopping centers in Vietnam. Visa and MasterCard are the most common there.

Cost & tipping
In general, cost for traveling in Vietnam is quite cheap in comparison with other destinations in the world. Tipping is not popular habit in Vietnam but you completely can give hotel or restaurant’s staves some tips to have services served with more attentive.