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Vietnam Visa Tips

Vietnam visa on arrival : Vietnam Visa granted at international airports of Vietnam. This is distinct from not requiring a visa at all but traveller must obtain the approval letter from Vietnam Immigration Department (Government) then can get visa at landing visa office at Vietnam airports on arrival to pass through immigration.Vietnam visa tips

Vietnam visa service fee:  Fee pay for us to arrange approval letter from Vietnam Immigration Department. Please note that it is unable to get visa on arrival without the approval letter.

Vietnam visa stamping fee: Fee pay to get visa stamped on your passport when you collect your visa on arrival at airports of Vietnam or at embassy of Vietnam in your country.

Vietnam single entry visa: One entry for one visa and the visa is cancelled as soon as the holder leave Vietnam.

Vietnam multiple entries visa:  Visa which permit double or multiple entries into Vietnam with the same visa.

Vietnam transit visa:  Usually valid for less than 5 days, for passing through Vietnam to a third destination. This type of visa save you much money if your stay less than 5 days.