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Plan a best family tour to Vietnam

Vietnam is an amazing country to plan your Vietnam family tours where is home of many interesting destinations and family activities. Travel to Vietnam, your kids will have unique experience of a beautiful country with spectacular landscapes, white sandy beaches, steep mountains and ethnic hill-tribe villages… However, it is not quick and easy to find correct and useful information for a family tour to Vietnam. Let us advise you best travel tips for Vietnam family vacation

1/ Duration: Your duration can be short or long depending on you, but it is advised to not include too much internal flights in order that your kids will not be tired. To make the trip more comfortable, you should add some free days to have relaxing time.

2/ Weather: Weather is different in North, Center and South of Vietnam from temperature to rainfall. Especially, it is too much uneven in winter with hot weather in the South and heavy cold weather in the North which may be not good for small kids. Then it is better to check the weather forecast carefully and prepare suitable clothes. For Sapa mountainous area, it is always much cooler than in other parts, even in summer.

3/ Accommodation: It is one the most important things for your Vietnam family tour that should be well-prepared. Normally, your accommodation should be connecting rooms or adjoining rooms or family rooms in order that you can best take care of your kids. For summer holidays, you can find many good and reasonable hotels in Vietnam with nice swimming pools.

4/ Food: As you travel with kids, all meals are advised to book at good and hygiene restaurants. It is no need to check on internet as you can have useful advice from your receptionists or tour guides.

5/ Activity: Travel activities are diversified in different types but you should check carefully which will be suitable for your kids and which can be added on your Vietnam family holiday. Below are the best activities when travel in Vietnam with kids:

  • Hanoi street food tour: Hanoi is paradise of street vendors and street foods and it is worth to try typical foods when you are in Hanoi.
  • Hanoi cyclo riding: It is a unique means of transportation which is also one of the most typical vehicles in Hanoi. A cyclo tour will take you around the ancient streets in Hanoi as well as stunning historical and cultural sites in the city center.
  • Halong overnight cruise: It is a must-do activity for your Vietnam family tour as you can’t find the second place in the world like Halong bay. Its permanent beauty is created by blue sky, emerald water and thousands of islands and islets jutting out from the sea surface. Cruising on the bay will give you a chance to immerse yourself in a peaceful atmosphere and marvellous seascape.
  • Halong Kayaking: It is really safe for kayaking in Halong bay as the sea is calm and you will be equipped life-jackets. Moreover, you will be guided by experienced local guides.
  • Sapa trekking: Sapa is the best place to visit in Vietnam with spectacular natural beauty of rolling mountains, terraced rice fields, beautiful waterfalls, streams and unique life-styles of ethnic minorities. And trekking to hill-tribe villages is the best activity in Sapa as you have chance to discover their daily life and interact with local people. There are many trekking routes in Sapa from normal to hard and you should discuss with your travel consultants to plan easy routes but beautiful.
  • Hoi An biking: If your kids are more than 10 yrs old, Hoi An biking tour will be amazing passing countryside villages, rice terraces and trying to ride local basket boat.
  • Beach activity: Best places to plan beach activities are always in the South of Vietnam with Phu Quoc or Mui Ne Beach which are the 2 best beaches in Vietnam. There are many white sandy beaches there with luxurious resorts and beach sport games.

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